Because we work with a lot of service based clients, a question that comes up regularly is how do I transition my business to the franchise model without giving up all of my income, which is obviously a valid question. There's a number of ways to do that. You absolutely do it in a staged way where you're not giving up all of your income and putting yourself under financial strain.

So you may either establish a brand new territory and work with that franchisee to set themselves up, help them with launch marketing a week or two before they start so that they've got some clients to go and see. You may also have work in outlying regions, which is a little bit more difficult for you to service yourself. So you might choose to give the franchisee that particular territory to get them started, and again work with them to build up their client base and get more and more work coming through.

A lot of our clients also have work promised to them in other regions that they simply can't get to. So the franchise model allows them to, to access that work and to grow their brand further afield with their own clients.

And then finally, you may have multiple service vehicles out on the road already. And so you could bundle up one of those as a franchise package, vehicle, tools, territory or existing customers, and sell as a franchise. So there's many different ways to transition into the franchise model without giving up all of your income. And we work with you on the best strategy for your business, within your priority regions and territories.