How to franchise your business (and why you should)

For many years, franchising your business has been out of reach financially for most small businesses; Tereza Murray Franchising has changed the franchising landscape drastically in the past ten years and enabled small businesses to benefit from the many advantages a franchise model delivers.

Development package

We provide a market-ready development package to suit your current business resources and capability. Whether you require just the standard documentation or a market-ready solution, we can accommodate your budget and requirements. You won't find a more competitive or comprehensive franchise development solution on the market.

World-class systems

With industry best-practice systems, technology and development processes, franchising your business with us ensures a system that will be robust, comprehensive, tailored and fit for purpose. We only work with the best legal teams to build strong legal structures and ensure you can manage compliance and protect your brand.

We prefer to be upfront and transparent, so there are no hidden costs or ongoing licensing fees. Our packages include interest-free payment options, making this globally successful growth model even more achievable.

To learn more about franchising a business with our development packages and support services, complete our Free Feasibility Assessment or schedule a call with Tereza to discuss your business.

About Your Development Team

When you choose to partner with us, you will work alongside a team with real-world franchise systems experience to guide you.  We have been where you are and embarked on the journey from an independent small business owner to a franchisor. As well as having franchised over one hundred businesses, our team has practical, hands-on knowledge gained from working in and managing franchise systems and can guide you through experience on how to franchise a business.

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About our clients

Small business owners
Individual operators
Start-ups at the concept stage
Established businesses wanting to move away from an employee model
Businesses that require a franchise model for a specific area of their operations
Established franchises requiring document refresh
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Want To Know More About How To Franchise Your Business?

We adopt a very straightforward and uncomplicated approach to developing your Franchise system. Throughout the process, we spend time with you to understand your unique operating systems, methodology and values fully, creating documentation that accurately represents these in easy-to-follow instructions, including all tasks that franchisees will be required to undertake in the successful operation of their new business. We will guide you on the best structure to enable you to manage compliance across your Franchise network whilst maintaining a strong culture of communication and collaboration to grow and protect your brand.

Want to know the thing that our clients really love about us?  We do the majority of the work.

Our development process

Operations Discovery

  • Corporate structure
  • Franchisee profiling
  • Operational analysis
  • Franchisee compliance
  • Head Office support analysis
  • Develop key operations manuals

Procedures Discovery

  • Analyse and record key administration and operational processes
  • Develop key franchise policies and procedures

Fee Modelling

  • Explore various franchise fee options
  • Set franchise fee structure
  • Financial modelling
  • Create a business simulator

Legal Documents

  • Finalise details of the legal structure
  • Franchise agreement prepared
  • Disclosure document prepared
  • Non-Disclosure document prepared

Territory Modelling

  • Territory modelling identifies the parameters of a sustainable territory
  • Territory mapping software used to create your first two territories

Marketing, Coaching & Launch

  • Brand and fitout guide
  • Growth objectives analysis
  • Launch marketing recommendations
  • Franchise prospectus
  • Franchise recruitment workshop

Franchise recruitment workshop

  • Enquiry management
  • Systems preparation
  • Recruitment process
  • Timing of documents
  • Execution and onboarding

Recruitment Guidance & Support

  • Assistance with the provision of information and documents
  • Feedback sessions following prospective franchisee meetings

Onboarding & Training

  • Preparation
  • Onboarding checklist
  • Granting manual access
  • Administration & systems training
  • Field training

Benefits of a Franchise Model

Expand without the need for your own capital

Franchising a business enables you to expand your operation using the investment from Franchisees rather than having to fund it yourself. Irrespective of whether you have 1 or 20 Franchisees, your fixed costs as a Franchisor generally remain constant, but every new Franchisee to the system provides you additional capital.

Franchisees have skin in the game

A Franchisee typically spends an average of 8 years in a Franchise system, whereas you are lucky to get 18 months out of an employee. Because they have made a real investment for which they want a return, Franchisees are far more motivated to see a brand succeed and will generally work hard to ensure this happens. Employees have no such skin in the game.

Growth Can Be Rapid

The Franchise model allows a business to grow rapidly. Providing the Franchisor has sufficient capacity to provide training and support, it is possible to onboard several Franchisees in a very short period.

Reduced Overheads

Franchising a business allows the head office to function with a much smaller staffing resource relative to a similar-sized employee operation. This is because franchisees are responsible for many of the day-to-day responsibilities and tasks.

Increased Profits

The reduction or alleviation of management resources and other associated costs through franchising a business ultimately results in a more profitable outcome.

Fully Scalable Model

A franchise model allows the franchisor's organisation to grow exponentially from one set of franchise documents, so whether the objective is to open 2 more business units, or 200+, a franchise model makes this possible.

Expansion Into Additional Markets

Once the franchise documents are drafted it can be relatively simple to add additional services that complement and operate in similar industries and markets. This enables the franchisor and franchisees to achieve organic growth with little capital outlay.

Risk Reduction

Franchising a business significantly reduces the risk for the franchisor. In a typical franchise model, the franchisee has all the responsibility for the upfront investment in establishing the franchise, including purchasing plant and equipment, premises fit-out, hiring employees, and any working capital required in the beginning.