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Tereza became involved in franchising in 2006 when she and husband Steve franchised their commercial property services business, which they had started in Auckland, New Zealand in 1999. The business grew to a substantial size with hundreds of clients and a staff of 60. The  move to franchising saw them transition from 60+ employees to 22 franchisees over 3 years.

"Without a doubt it was the best decision we could have made. Going from having employees to owner-operators who were passionate about what they were doing, and about delivering a superior service to our clients, was the best thing we could have done. It also meant, we now had time to work 'on' the business and focus on our growth strategy, this resulted in our growth soaring and costs plummeting."

Having experienced first hand the benefits and advantages of franchising, as well as the challenges and frustrations, Tereza is in a unique position to prepare her clients for what's ahead of them, and guide them through all aspects of becoming a Franchisor.

Tereza has been developing franchise systems for clients since 2013, working with business owners across multiple industries, including establishing and rolling out the global franchise model for the third largest facilities management company in the world.

Expansion into Australia

The decision to expand into Australia was an easy one, more and more clients were requesting franchise systems that complied with both New Zealand and Australian legislation. Tereza's business model of providing comprehensive, affordable franchise development to small Australian businesses, has been well received. 

"Franchising has been a growth strategy only affordable to large companies for too long, small businesses have a lot to offer individuals looking for supported self-employment. The clients we work with have developed successful, profitable businesses and aligning themselves with motivated, passionate franchisees to grow their brand just makes more sense."

Tereza personally works with clients on both sides of the Tasman, and is involved throughout the development of each of her Consultants client franchise systems