With the unstable economic environment we are all now operating in, it’s a good time to really address some of the vulnerabilities that businesses currently face, and will continue to face with the ongoing unstable COVID situation. Business owners with full responsibility for employees and overheads such as building and vehicle leases or loans, will face the biggest exposure as these costs continue even when revenue reduces or ceases for a period of time.

One option to reduce overheads is to lay off staff, but this is a short term fix with long term consequences because ultimately you will need to rehire and retrain replacements with all the associated costs and reduced productivity that entails.

Like it or not, franchising is the most successful business growth strategy in history for a reason. In a franchise model the franchisors overheads are greatly reduced because franchisees shoulder all the running costs for the business units, allowing the head office to function in a far more efficient way.

In a situation like COVID where there can be restrictions on trade or a reduction in revenue, the burden is shared across the franchisee network which also operates its own internal support structure with the franchisor providing business and marketing guidance and support.

Here’s what we offer business owners wanting to future proof their business through a franchise model

  1. A competitive fixed development fee and payment terms that have been extended for COVID – this offer is available until the 30th November 2020.
  2. Included in this fixed fee is;
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Disclosure Document
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Complete set of operating manuals tailored to your unique operating system
  • Support and guidance through the sale of your first two franchises
  • Six-month free listing on the www.firstfranchise.com.au website

3.  Flexibility down the track to place the development on-hold for a period of time if required

    There will be no better time than now to get your business future-proofing strategy underway, get in touch for an obligation free chat about franchising your business.