Hi, I'm Angie Flemming, and like all Kiwis, I am now hunkering down for the next four weeks. This is an incredibly challenging time for small business operators. We've never experienced anything like this in our lifetime. However, some of us have experienced a financial crisis, and that brings to mind for me the GFC. That's when I got more involved in franchising.

There were a couple of guys who came together with the purpose of developing affordable franchising for the masses. They actually started their business during the GFC. They started with what they knew, which was car detailing and were able to offer that to the market for less than 10,000 dollars start up. You might think, well, how could they, how could they achieve that? Well what they knew was that franchising was not about profiting upfront on the franchise sale. It's about the people. It's about helping others to achieve in their own small businesses and as a franchisor benefiting from those royalties.

As a result, they grew rapidly. In their first year, they recruited 50 franchisees and in their second year they had, they more than tripled that. So at a time where people were being made redundant, where unemployment was high, this was a great option for many people from all walks of life. There were, corporate executives who were happy to now be pushing a lawnmower. There were auto, aeronautical engineers in the training room. So it was a solution for many people, as I say, from all different walks of life.

As a result, they ended up diversifying into other business streams, as I mentioned, the lawn mowing, carpet cleaning, property maintenance, home and office cleaning and really became a solution for people and a rapidly growing business.

So why am I sharing this with you? I really just want to share some optimism around that adverse events can bring with them opportunity. It's just that sometimes we have to look long and hard to find those opportunities.

So having said all of that. Please take care of your loved ones, take care of your neighbors, and I look forward to seeing you out the other side.